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2 days of rain and 19 bee corpuses

i hop-scotch out to the top bar hive this morning before heading into the office. it was drizzly and cold and the ground was mushy. the cloud cover had come right down to the grown. as I leaned over the

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new blue berries

before I left for work¬† I popped out to check on the new blue berries. surrounded by a makeshift deer fence they seem to be enjoying the rain. three could produce berries this year. but I’m ahead of myself. last

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rain barrels and wood chips and raised beds

 weekend report 12/52 on Saturday I drove an hour and a half to take a rain barrel making class, connect with like-minded individuals and get a free rain barrel. it was sponsored the Watershed Program of the Butte Environmental Council,

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the bees need room!!

thursday i scrambled home at lunch to work in the top bar hive; or at least move the follower board so the girls would have more room before the weather turned. the temperatures have been lovely during work hours and

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the weekend warrior finds a weekend PDC

i’m excited! Cathe’ Fish, a local permacultureist and master gardener, is offering a Permaculture Design Course that I can attend. i needed the timing, the price and the local to be just about perfect in order to pull off a

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