garden boxes in early november

the annual garden area is our current food source as the food forest develops into production. despite dry summers, raise beds allow for gopher protection and keep the winter plantings out of the swamp like conditions that winter rains create. over time as the soil and plantings up-slope from the annual garden improves and works to hold more water the raised beds will give way to mounds and paths.

the ground cherries this summer were very prolific, where as the year before they were a no show. clearing the beds for fall plantings produced several buckets of fruit. These I tossed into the food forest for self seeding as a ground cover and food source. and although the chicken don’t seem too interested in the plants and fruit, their scratching the earth will likely keep the number of plants to a minimum. the bed is now full of garlic and fava beans.

no frost yet.


I am a Permaculturest with an eye on a sustainable future. I feel it's time to take control of our personal environment and make it work for us and the planet. I am a Homesteader in an urban environment. Keeping it real on a budget and still enjoying all that life has to offer. I am an up-cycler: a creative, resourceful problem solver. I am a gardener and a Farmer. I am a resource, full of information for living a more sustainable lifestyle. I also build, paint, cook and sew.

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