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2 days of rain and 19 bee corpuses

i hop-scotch out to the top bar hive this morning before heading into the office. it was drizzly and cold and the ground was mushy. the cloud cover had come right down to the grown. as I leaned over the

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the bees need room!!

thursday i scrambled home at lunch to work in the top bar hive; or at least move the follower board so the girls would have more room before the weather turned. the temperatures have been lovely during work hours and

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when bees arrive

the big event of april the bees arrived on Sunday the 14th. the hardware store ordered them for me along with everyone else. they arrived on a flat bed truck from a town about 3 hours away. i picked them

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topbar bee keeping

in the beginning i started ‘keeping’ bees in the spring of 2013. the hardware store/garden center down the road had an avid bee keeper and carried all the supplies. when they offered beginning bee keeping classes I was smitten. After

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