the bees need room!!


i scrambled home at lunch to work in the top bar hive; or at least move the follower board so the girls would have more room before the weather turned. the temperatures have been lovely during work hours and dangerously cool during my time off. i didn’t want to open the hive until the air was a balmy 65 degrees. last weekend was perfect but I was at my PDC class both days. i can see lots of activity in the three bar space I left for the bees last fall thru the observation window.  the girls  have built out two additional bars and have started on the last one. they have a tendency to build from the north to the south end of the bar so the observation window always shows more comb then is really there.

the daughter came along to assist. we decided to through a pad over the bars above the brood nest as a precaution. we found a small ant’s nest in the gabled roof but didn’t inspect much further than that. i removed the feed jar and then the follower board. boy! was it pretty inside. we gave the girls four more bars, replaced the new follower board and closed up the hive. all seemed well when I looked after work.


I am a Permaculturest with an eye on a sustainable future. I feel it's time to take control of our personal environment and make it work for us and the planet. I am a Homesteader in an urban environment. Keeping it real on a budget and still enjoying all that life has to offer. I am an up-cycler: a creative, resourceful problem solver. I am a gardener and a Farmer. I am a resource, full of information for living a more sustainable lifestyle. I also build, paint, cook and sew.

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